The Schedule

Student arrival/registration: 7:00 p.m. on July 19, 2014 followed by an information session for parents and campers. (No supper provided). Formal camp starts on Monday, July 20, running for 6 days. 

Qualifications/requirements for campers

Students from grade five through high school will be considered for admission. If you are a first time applicant please include the name and telephone number of your music teacher as a reference. A minimum of one year's prior music or dance instruction is required. Qualifying campers who register early will be given priority for acceptance

Variety of instruction available

Students experience exceptional professional instruction through private lessons in classical music as well as participation in choir, orchestra or band, concerts, music theory, chamber music and dance. Instruction is available for up to two instruments, with formal private lessons for the primary instrument every two days depending on the schedule of instructors. 

What the camper can expect

The Algoma Music Camp will encourage the attributes of camaraderie, fellowship, fun, and education for all campers.


Camp tuition is $395, with a registration deadline of June 1, 2014. A non-refundable registration fee of $75 is due with the application. Applications received prior to May 1 receive a $30 discount ($365 tuition). This includes private and group instruction, ensembles, choir (all campers), music theory, three full meals and evening snacks, T-shirt, and accommodations in rustic cabins for the full session.